Does NoNo Hair Removal Really Work? - Real No No Hair Removal System Customer Review & Usage Tips

David and JessieHey, we are David & Jessie Chase, and you’re reading our uncensored review of what we really thought about the latest No! No! hair removal.

My wife and I have tried many this type of hair removal products in the past and she complained to me that they’ve never really worked. So I made the decision to do something about our hair removal problems and I did a lot of research.

Then I found No!No! hair removal. The NO! NO! hair removal has launched for about two years and it has already been popular among those who love beauty. I heard a lot of good things about this device, but there weren’t many reviews available. So I thought I’d write one review about its real capability in hair removing.

The No!No Hair Removal from Radiancy is a small portable device to remove hairs from any part of your body in a quick and painless manner. It is designed to provide the opportunity of being hair-free at the comfort of home and also for long-term.

How Is No No Hair Removal Different Than Others?

No No pack NO! NO! is different than all other conventional processes of hair removal for its dependence on a new revolutionary technology called – Thermicon. This technology uses the principle of thermal transference to perform emission or flow of controlled heat via a thermodynamic wire into the device’s blade, directly to the hair follicle and thus obstructing further growth of hairs. To ensure maximum safety, the thermodynamic wire has already been patented as well insulated.

The NONO Hair Removal works very simply: it heats the hair so that the hair follicle is destroyed by the heat.

In detail, the Thermicon technology operates in three simultaneous phases as explained by Radiancy. The beginning phase, known as “first contract” in which the wire singes the hair, removing it up to the top layer of the skin. In the next “crystallization” phase, the uppermost part of the hair follicle turns into ashes. The third “disruption” phase makes hindrance in the way of cells responsible for hair growths, by transferring the thermal heat to the hair-roots!

Thus the uniqueness of NO! NO! lies in its revolutionary use of Thermicon technology. It is better and advanced than similar processes like laser hair treatment in the sense of being universal. That is unlike laser treatment, it never poses any threat to your skin pigment called melanin, allowing you to use it on any type or color of skin.

Does NoNo Hair Removal System Have Any Cons?

As we know nothing in this world is really perfect; everything has its own pros and cons; sometimes visible or otherwise remains invisible! The NO! NO! System is no exception. So what are the negative aspects of this system? Let’s check it out –

  • It just can restrain the growth of hair for long-term no more than five weeks. Therefore, if you want to buy it thinking to get rid of hairs for forever, you are wrong. It’s obviously not meant for permanent hair removal.
  • If you are planning to quit NO! NO! for it worked great leaving behind smooth hair-free skin for months, then also you are misjudging! Our skin and hair structures are dynamic and therefore, hairs will come back to show definitely. To remain hair-free under these circumstances, you have to stick to NO! NO! System. You cannot really quit, but only can reduce the usage!
  • Another limitation is the buffing process associated with the use of it. It is somehow annoying for some people!
  • Moreover, the unit is quite expensive for general users and also that you cannot find replacement blades, etc. easily at nearby outlets.

Even after the above-mentioned limitations, the NO! NO! System is always few steps ahead than any other hair removal techniques. This is because, unlike other systems, it has more pros than cons.

What Are the Advantages of NoNo Hair Removal?

Now we are cleared in mind about NO! NO! Hair Removal System’s use of Thermicon technology. It is the key of NO! NO! System. However, there are other important advantages that we would surely want to be acquainted with. Let’s have a look at them –

  1. It’s very portable in shape and thus can be handled easily. The portable shape of this device also ensures the users to apply it for hair removal on any body part. A sentence of caution here is that use of NO! NO! System; not recommended on face and breast.
  2. Because of its dependence on the scientific controlled-heat principle; there is no fear of burn of skin. Moreover, its sophisticated safety measures eliminate the chance of cut or skin irritation.
  3. It has no effect on melanin – the pigment responsible for skin color. And thus can be used on all types and color of skin.
  4. Being portable and handy device, it gives the opportunity to use, while multitasking! For example, you can use it sitting on the sofa, watching TV.
  5. Conventional hair removal treatments are usually expensive much and come with pain, side-effects, etc. For example, waxing, that refers to the process of coating the skin surface with wax and then pulling it off with the hair. As against of this painful treatment, NO! NO! is completely pain-free and without any side-effect. Also, it is just a one-time investment.
  6. You won’t need to wait for the hairs to grow longer after the use of NO! NO! System to cut them off.

Among other benefits NO! NO! Hair Removal System provides - equivalent applicability on thick as well on coarse hairs, treatment of more than one hair at the same time, and the usage possibility for both genders, etc. are noticeable. It is professional in its functioning, side-effect free and easy to use. The device itself has two LED indicators to help you use it in the correct way. However, for me the most suitable benefits that I received from the use of NO! NO! System, are its portability and side-effect free function; my skin being prone to rashes and pimples. Real User Experience with NO! NO!

After going through a lot of real life experiences of NO! NO! users, it has become clear that the hair removal system really works. For most of the users, NO! NO! hair removal is proved to be far better than any other conventional systems like laser treatment or shaving or waxing. According to them, it halts the hair-growth process successfully in most of the areas applied. It may not be quick but is effective. People are also satisfied because of its easy handling and no side-effect on skin layer. Furthermore, people who are experienced with laser treatment found NO! NO! more beneficial than the recurring use of laser.

No!No! Usage Tips For Better User Experience:

Here I would like to share some useful tips as mentioned by Radiancy as well by real users, to achieve the maximum out of it.

First important tip is that you should not use NO! NO! with pause and resume style. You must use it in a smooth manner. After treating with NO! NO! System, use the buffer in circular motion to moisturize skin. Make sure that your skin is clean enough before the use. Try this system only 2 to 3 times a week for first few months, and then gradually reduce the usage.

In concluding, I just want you to remind that good results are the outcome of patience. Therefore, even if you do not see any hair reduction after initial usage of NO! NO! System; do not be disheartened. Hold your patience and give it another try.